The African Market Development Alliance is a profit oriented agribusiness company which aims to become the largest producer of food and job creation in sub-Saharan Africa. Our membership span across government, multinational, SMEs, civil society, research, academic and many more organization around the world.

Investors in Africa’s agricultural scene are often faced with unique challenges due to factors like government and investment policies, however, joining the alliance gives you the opportunity to operate your agriculture business in Africa under our safe and enabling umbrella providing access to farmland, licenses, country partners and other beneficial relationships, matching funds and technical assistance, connections across federal agencies, broader access to credit, power to convene, cultural experience and expertise, technical and regional expertise, rigorous and sophisticated monitoring and evaluation, risk mitigation and due diligence, capacity building, programming that is gender-equitable and environmentally conscious. Apparently, we get you covered.

AMDA uses a supply chain approach combined with capacity building programs to co-build and co-manage high tech multi-product farms on over 500,000 hectares in sub-Saharan Africa to increase food production, create employment and promote economic development by 40% in year 2020 in countries where we are present. We are vertically integrated in the supply chain. Our operations covers the whole sequence of operations from raw seed to finished product in stores.