To facilitate sustainable food production increase in Africa relative to global demand.
The African Market Development Alliance has studied the policies and processes that define and determine the ebb and flow of Africa’s agricultural economy and realized that majority of its countries have very elastic production capacity.
On the basis of this discovery and other important findings, AMDA was established – a world-class company with the necessary expertise and fledging capacity to enhance production and channel supply from Africa to the increasing demand of local and international markets.

To ensure food security and promote economic development in sub-Saharan Africa
The African Market Development Alliance is committed to working closely and sustainably with government officials and institutions across the continent to facilitate the shift of the continent’s agricultural capacity from potential to profound economic power. We support agriculture regulators, innovative models that promotes openness, investments in infrastructure, promotion of economic integration and limits on market concentration and control to facilitate sustainable food production relative to demand and to promote economic development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Reduce poverty and improve lives in Africa.
African Market Development Alliance would establish various agriculture academic institutions equipped with campuses and e-campuses around the continent providing free degree education to young farmers. We are also committed to creating 10 million jobs within the agriculture sector to address the increasing level of unemployment and poverty in African nations and to serve as a driving force towards improving the African economy. AMDA is committed to raising millions of youths in Africa within the ages of 18 -25 to become agriculture professionals within 4 – 5 years by engaging them as working-students on farms and other agriculture facilities in their localities. AMDA hopes this would bring an end to the exploitation of farmers and labourers by encouraging national governments to improve agriculture and labour standards and policies around Africa.